Financial Peace University

The College and Career Class will be starting a new series on September 9th.   Financial Peace University is a nine-lesson video class taught by financial expert and Christian Dave Ramsey that will show you how to take control of your money.  Please ask anyone you know, especially young couples that would be interested in attending this series. 

Dave strongly recommends couples attend these sessions together, however this is not a requirement. 

Lesson 1 that we will be starting with next Sunday is “Super Saving” – Dave explains the seven Baby Steps that will guide you throughout Financial Peace University


Financial Peace University Series (Tentative) Schedule

              Lesson Title                                                                                                  Lesson Date

´ Super Saving – Lesson 1                                      9/9/18

  • The Importance and power of saving money
  • How to build an Emergency Fund and wealth
  • The value of purchases with cash

´ Special Guest Speaker                                         9/16/18  

(Austin Niravong of Capital Financial Group – Austin is a military veteran and Christian who has several years’ experience in financial planning consulting.  Austin and his wife had considered missionary work in Japan, but have since found their calling in the Nashville area where Austin gives financial planning and guidance to those who need and desire it.  Come take this opportunity to hear directly from a financial expert and participate in an informal Q & A with Austin.)                                       

´ Cash Flow Planning – Lesson 2                                                 9/23/18

  • How to get control and keep control of your money
  • The value of a written Cash Flow plan
  • How to spend money without guilt

´ Relating with Money – Lesson 3                                          9/30/18

  • How to bridge the differences between husbands & wives
  • How and when to teach your children about handling money
  • The value of an accountability partner as a single

´ Buying only Big, Big Bargains – Lesson 4                         10/7/18

  • The keys to opening incredible bargains
  • Where to find Huge Bargains and Great Deals
  • The seven basic rules about Negotiating

´ Dumping Debt – Lesson 5                                                    10/14/18 & 10/21/18

  • How to live without debt and being enslaved to it
  • 17 popular myths about debt and the truth revealed
  • How to get out of debt and stay out of debt forever!
  • Why the worst car accidents happen on the showroom floor
  • Facts about the dangers of credit cards
  • The snowball technique for dumping debt & returning hope!

´ Understanding Investments – Lesson 6                         10/28/18

  • Investment language made simple and easy to understand
  • The power of Diversification and how to use it
  • About Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and other investment vehicles

´ Understanding Insurance– Lesson 7                                 11/4/18

  • Keys to saving on your homeowners and auto insurance
  • About Health, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance
  • The truth about Life Insurance and how it works

´ Retirement & College Planning – Lesson 8                         11/11/18

  • When, how and why to use a rollover
  • Difference kinds of retirement plans & which ones apply to you
  • How to properly fund your child’s College Education

´ Buyer Beware – Lesson 9                                                     11/18/18

  • About some of the tactics of the marketing industry
  • How product positioning affects your buying decisions
  • Six keys to developing POWER over your purchases

´Real Estate & Mortgages – Lesson 10                                11/25/18

  • The best way to buy and sell a home
  • The difference between 15 & 30-year mortgages
  • Mortgages and refinancing in plain English

´Careers & Extra Jobs – Lesson 11                                        12/2/18

  • How to do with your life that which you love
  • Resumes, Interviews & Job search strategies
  • Some ideas of successful home-based businesses

´The Great Misunderstanding – 12                                      12/9/18

  • The Paradox that Brings Peace
  • How & why to be an asset manager for the Lord
  • The Consequences and value of giving






“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  -Benjamin Franklin